Sunday, June 30, 2013

find the real puppy. hint, this is how annie sleeps every night.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

annie sleeping (well she was until i got the camera) on a snuggle puppie. it's name is puppie and this is how she starts out sleeping every single night. no heating pack since it's summer. one of the all time best dog toys i've ever purchased.

Monday, January 30, 2012

jan 2012, annie with snuggle puppie

this picture is 4 lb, 10 1/2 year old papillon annie sleeping (until i got the camera) on a toy called a snuggle puppie i purchased from revival. it has a pouch underneath into which you can place the "beating heart" which comes with the puppie and/or a hand warmer. i got it to use with hand warmers for days of heat malfunctions or when we have to travel the half hour to the vet at 6:30 am. annie adores this puppie and sleeps with her head and front paws on it every night. i'm glad she took right to it as it makes it handy that she accepted it so will use it when i do have to add the heat part to it. much better than putting things into the microwave. that just turns me off somehow knowing that's where i prepare food. enjoy.

Friday, May 08, 2009

bump and his groomer, annie and her new blankie

hi folks, here are 4 new pics. annie is trying out her new pink bed from etsy. she loves it. and bump had his picture taken with his groomer this morning. she is a large woman and bump is a diminuitive lil guy and i just love how gentle she always is with him - like she is just so comforting to him. remember, his eyesight and hearing aren't so good now. she coos at him while she's grooming him. vicky used to groom my retired miniature schnauzers. she's great and bump loves her - obviously she relaxes him as you can see by the BIIIGGG yawn. enjoy.

Monday, March 02, 2009

it finally snowed

bump, annie, and rider and the snowstorm mar 1,2009. annie wasn't impressed and would have preferred to "swim" in the drainage ditch i think. notice the fantastic job of plowing the road. we don't have snow removal equipment here. it's called the sun. thankfully it's been out all day melting the stuff. i lost cable tv and internet for about 6 hours but that's about it for us here so far. will wait and see what happens when the ice on the trees all freezes back over tonight. hope you enjoy the pics. lil bump in the blue coat used to love snow but at age 15 now, he just mostly stood there and shook. he was only out about 4 minutes.


here's a pic of my beautiful boy rider. he's a purebred pap, adopted thru pcar rescue. he's large but a very handsome boy.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

annie: before and after 4 months

(all pictures are copyrighted by Star K. Land, 2007, 2008, 2009 whichever year is appropriate and may not be reproduced nor emailed nor used for any purpose other than your visual enjoyment on this blog without express written permission from the owner)
these pictures are of annie in late sept, 2008 when she first came to me with a bad diet and whipworms and free feeding hard kibble that she really couldn't chew because of her bad teeth. whipworms are all gone, diet was changed, and she had her dental in jan, 2009. i would say this little girl has blossomed! and her raging? we've got that under control, not fixed, that will take several years, but it's now predictable and only happens about once every 2 weeks. i'm so proud of her progress. in some 30 years of rescue, this is the ONLY dog out of the hundreds that have passed thru whom i am certain has been hit. but that's her old life and we're undoing it gradually and she's winging her way right into her new life not missing a flower.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

bump before and after

while my hand was in a cast for 2 months after surgery and then for another 3 weeks building up strength, the dogs had pretty well, um, gone to the dogs. i did brush them when i could and my vet dremeled their nails but it was time for a good grooming this past week for bump. he was matted and at almost 15 years old, i didn't think he wanted to tolerate the endless hours on the grooming table. so, i hauled out what i had left of grooming equipment from the show days with the miniature schnauzers and bathed bump, driedd him, then tackled shortening and dematting his coat. i meanwhile overdid it with my hand and had to back off but was almost thru with the rough clip, dematting, and trimming coat, some 3-6 inches in length in places. here are the before and after. yes, he is truly a purebred papillon with his championship. the lesson: if you see a dog in a shelter, don't necessarily discount it as not being a papillon. i think he's cute as a button, but will let his fur grow back out for however many days/years bump and i still have together. i do have to admit that i took him to my old pet groomer today (haven't been to her in 10 years) and she performed a miracle tidying him up. she had to quit after an hour 20 minutes because he had simply had enough. it's turned cold here so he's currently wearing annie's pink coat but we didn't tell him it's pink so he thinks he's the big stud on the block. sorry, no pic of that. but enjoy him please. he's just too cute. oh, and for the knitters, i have knitted one dishcloth. it looks like a novice made it but at least i know as soon as i get this thumb trained to knit, i can do it so will reknit this same cloth until it's got the right tension. i'm going to let everyone guess for themselves the before and after pics of bump.